This retreat is designed for executives wishing to sustain their success and increase their effectiveness in the Boardroom. They are likely to be on track to becoming CEO, and are just gaining their first exposure to Boards. It is equally appropriate and relevant for recently appointed CEOs.

The ethos is based on sharing experiences gained in the crucible of business life. The conversation will provide answers to what was not learned at business schools and also helps ask the important questions business school curricula don’t pose.

In a focused group of maximum 10, participants will interact with Chairmen, CEOs and the most senior professionals supporting Boards. The participants will be hand picked for an optimum mix of background and experience reflecting international companies and organization types.

During four days, we will cover key aspects of effective performance as a Board member, and CEO:

  • Understanding requirements of the Board member and CEO – from the Board, employees,
    Investors, media, analysts and others
  • Personality and the dynamics of the Boardroom
  • Learnings from public and private equity company governance
  • Building the pillars of your success: a world class organization (talent, team, organization
    design and governance)
  • Managing yourself to sustain peak performance
  • The transition to CEO
  • Individual feedback following in depth assessment

The retreat is supplemented by meetings before and after to capture and address individual requirements.