• You have got this far on talent, intuition and a unique combination of skills. How will you need to grow in order to sustain your new CEO trajectory? What will you have to stop doing to allow time for the breadth of the CEO role? What if you could also tune into the inherited wisdom of leaders who have come before? What if now were the perfect time to balance the proven competence that got you here with the ability to bring out greatness in others?


    Mastering Your Next Evolution – a hands-on programme designed to retune your executive skill set

    and enrich your instinctive grasp of leadership values. Learn to think, act and communicate in the company of trusted advisors, professional peers and practising chief executives.

    Limited to ten attendees – a highly pragmatic retreat that combines trusted personal exchange and

    a holistic view of human leadership – providing an instant network of accumulated insights and a confidential setting in which to integrate your own brand of leadership

    Sharing unique experiences gained in the crucible of business life, we will help you develop an insideout

    appreciation of CEO dynamics while building a clear plan of action for transitioning into your new or next role.

    Leadership communication is addressed on multiple levels. As you learn to balance acquired expertise

    with the ability to inspire and lead others, this highly pragmatic retreat will fast forward your awareness, helping you align personal with career goals.

    This personalized approach brings together the advisory expertise, firsthand experience and peer

    support to sustain boardroom success – offering you a unique chance to redefine your leadership brand and contribute your full hidden potential.

    For participants as well as their companies, Boardroom Business Success delivers an extensive range of benefits, advantages and added extras:

    • A confidential space to gain unique top-level insights and feedback
    • Straight talk and tacit knowledge from inside the executive arena
    • Expert focus on your communicative competence
    • An intimate understanding of boardroom dynamics and pressures
    • Personalized action plans for successful leadership transition
    • A ready network of experts, executives as well as peer equals
    • In-depth understanding of non-executive leadership roles
    • Mapping personal strengths and weaknesses for minimal corporate risk

    Four days is a lengthy time investment for busy executives, but a highly compact module for revealing the potential and increasing the effectiveness of future leadership. Enabling the right balance between peer exchange and individual feedback, our retreat platform promises to repay its investment many times over – through strategic clarity, greater self-awareness, enhanced contextual understanding

  • “I do not know of any other program that addresses in such a focused way the transition to becoming the ultimate steward of the company resources.”
    Antonio Capo, TPG Capital

    “It is not about emulating a particular leadership style or a ‘one-format-fits-all’ approach, but about tailoring the content to each individual’s set of characteristics and personal style, and optimising how each one of us can develop the best leadership qualities from within ourselves.”
    Sophia Ansar-Mueller, Entrepreneur

    “Every day I find myself thinking back on what I took from the experience as I face the daily challenges of being a CEO. The returns far exceed the investment of time and money.”
    Sandy Zweifach, CEO, Ascendancy Healthcare, Inc.

    Learning by Leading
    Boardroom Business Success is a unique real-world approach to the complex challenge of leadership today, based on authenticity, awareness and trust-based learning. In this peaceful, confidential environment, attendees are given practical tools to extract key principles from actual leadership experience and apply them to their situation. Pre-session assessment and feedback is matched by postsession coaching, ensuring you can fully prepare for and integrate newly acquired insights.